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Restaurants by Roy Choi at The LINE Hotel in Koreatown.


Roy Choi
Before there was POT, there was 3 Worlds Cafe. Before there was SunnySpot there was A-Frame. Before there was Chego there was Alibi Room...before there was an entire gourmet food truck industry...there was Kogi and a dude in a truck throwing Korean BBQ short ribs into a tortilla because a friend and his extended family told him they had an idea. And Roy listened. And you ate. And a country changed.


Natasha Phan
CMO / 10 Grand Hospitality

Natasha sees her role as simple: to make things better. Today, she’s CMO, only because “the decision-making problem-solving visionary brand ambassador creative directing producer” wouldn’t fit on her business card. In addition, she oversees Business Development and Brand Communications for Kogi, Chego! A-Frame and Sunny Spot and co-authored Roy Choi’s memoir-inspired cookbook, L.A. Son: My Life, My City, My Food. She’s worked with Roy since the get-go so there’s no possible combination of challenges she hasn’t seen or can’t solve.

Paul Pruitt
COO / 10 Grand Hospitality
Paul is the guy who gets things done. We know it, and just about everyone in the restaurant world does too. It’s why he’s worked alongside Jose Andres, Stephen Starr, Laurent Tourondel, and Roy Choi, among others. It’s why he’s worked with The Ritz Carlton, Trump International, Marriott, Mirage Hotel and Casino, W Hotels and Sydell Group. It's why he's opened restaurants from Los Angeles and NYC to Hong Kong and Singapore. He pretty much doesn't stop. And when he's not running things at 10 Grand, he also serves as Principal in his company, New School Consulting.

Dave Reiss
CAO / 10 Grand Hospitality
Dave likes to have a good time. And he likes to invite all his friends when he does. So he opened Red. Then Sugar and then The Brig. He also likes to eat, so he opened Swingers. And when he teamed up with Roy Choi, they opened A-Frame and Sunny Spot too. Now he’s at POT. Still having a good time, inviting his friends, eating and hanging with Roy.

Diego Echavarria
Executive Chef

Cirilo Rodriguez
Executive Sous Chef


Chloe Garcia
Sous Chef - Pastry

Daniel Rivera
Director of Food & Beverage

Michael Simon
Beverage Manager

Cassandra Genardini
General Manager - Commissary